Metabolism is the process of breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats which gives the body energy to maintain itself. The rate of your metabolism, along with lifestyle and diet, may affect our ability to lose weight. Increasing the body’s metabolic rate increases the rate at which calories are used which helps weight loss. 1 Making some dietary and lifestyle changes can help you achieve this.

  • Consume more protein in the diet. The body uses more energy when breaking down protein, increasing the body’s metabolic rate by 30%.2
  • Eating hot spicy foods, such as chili and horseradish, can increase fat burning and speed up metabolism.2
  • Aerobic exercise is the most efficient way to increase metabolism. This includes brisk walking, cycling or swimming. Aim at doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily or break it up in 10 minute chunks throughout the day if necessary.3
  • Find ways to be more physically active during the day. Use the stairs rather than lifts and park further away at shopping centres. Gardening, washing the car and housework such as vacuuming can also help burn extra calories.3
  • Avoid skipping meals. Not eating for a long period of time makes the body store fat. Eating mini‐meals every 2‐3 hours helps increase metabolism and makes the body burn fat. Make these mini‐meals healthy by including a serve of vegetables and a healthy source of protein like eggs, chicken, or nuts.1
  • Take a daily multi vitamin and mineral supplement as nutritional insurance to meet your body’s nutrient needs. This may help reduce the risk of many health problems including fatigue, lowered immunity and impaired cognitive function.4

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